Joining Orange County Independent, NorthCoast Academy, and the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble as Mapex/Majestic Ensembles competing in Independent World Class this season are Matrix and Capital City Percussion.

Matrix Director Rob Ferguson comments, “I am very excited about this new relationship that we have developed. I really appreciate the team mindset and level of communication from the people at Mapex and Majestic.” Matrix has been a strong fixture in the WGI independent world class since 1999 and have been innovators within the activity in terms of sound and design. Ferguson continues, “Playing on great instruments is a necessity, but having the opportunity to work with people that are as passionate about their instruments as we are about performing on them is inspiring. We live in a genre where what has already been done is never good enough…it’s great to partner with a company that looks at what they do in the exact same way.”

Capital City Percussion found themselves in a difficult situation going into this season, as the victims of a theft that left them without instruments and facing the potential of not being able to participate in the 2015 season. With new partnerships in place, Cap City is thrilled to be able to continue to provide a World Class Percussion experience to young percussionists from across Ohio and the Midwest. Says Director Donnie Ross “We are beyond excited about our new partnership with Mapex and Majestic. Words cannot express our gratitude for their assistance during this time of need.”

This season also marks the beginning of a new partnership with Scholastic World Ensemble Ayala High School. With both concert and marching ensembles perennially in the medal hunt, this California program has been nationally recognized as a leader. Director Ike Jackson remarks “In my commitment to provide the best educational experience possible for percussionists at Ayala, I look to partner with companies who have a deep understanding of what we do. My connection to Mapex & Majestic goes beyond instruments. The instruments are GREAT, but the dedication of the people is GREATER STILL. I feel like I have found the family that I can continue to work with well into the future and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

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